About Us

Emirates Hydroponics Farms is located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The hydroponics farm site at Al Bahia originally opened in 2005 under the trading name City Farm L.L.C and in October 2008 the farm site was renamed to EMIRATES HYDROPONICS FARMS for Vegetables. Emirates Hydroponics Farms continues to promote high quality produce that can be grown within the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) whilst utilizing the modern water saving techniques of European technologies and management.

Growing fruits and vegetables is rapidly increasing its professional level all over the world and becoming highly specialized in today's economy. With quality crop management it's possible to increase both production and quality. Emirates Hydroponics Farms vision is to continue to lead the U.A.E into modern farming techniques, with clean and ethical farming practices to produce fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables that is classed as amongst the best available anywhere within the world. We all love vine-ripened hothouse tomatoes, pest-free lettuce and cucumbers, and a myriad of vegetables grown commercially in greenhouses. Growing produce in a greenhouse can be a great way to reduce the need for pesticides, and can make it possible to extend the growing season for our local produce.

By utilizing this hydroponics method for growing their vegetables, it allows Emirates Hydroponics Farms to accurately manage both water and nutrients as required by the plants throughout their growing stage, from when the seeds are first planted through to final harvest. The first greenhouse was completed in 2005. Emirates Hydroponics Farms is the only company to have this revolution patented hydroponics technology throughout the Middle East. Covering a total area of 1,000 m2. this R.G.S greenhouse is very unique as it stands 9 meters tall. It is fully enclosed, complete with computerized climate and humidity control systems to monitor and regulate the temperature within the greenhouse 24 hrs. The air within the greenhouse can also be replaced 6 times every hour providing fresh air and Co2 within. This is one of the many different types of hydroponics system being used at Emirates Hydroponics Farms who continually looks towards the future by exploring new and better means of delivering superior quality fruits & vegetables to their clienteles.

Since the farm first opened the R.G.S greenhouse, it has gain the well respected reputation amongst their clients as “Little Holland in the UAE”. This name came about as the lettuces grown at the farm have their seeds imported in from countries as far away as Holland and grown under their European management of Mr. Rudi Azzato who has also been involved in establishing hydroponics farms in Australia, Japan and the Pacific islands of Fiji. The hydroponics business today of Emirates Hydroponics Farms has expanded from the original 1,000m2 to approximately 10,000m2 of hydroponics system growing mainly European variety lettuces and herbs. R&D has been carried out at the farm for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums as well as the sweetest strawberries you will find anywhere. Future plan is in place to add these produce for their clients.

Emirates Hydroponics Farms prides itself towards a cleaner and better environment, for our future generations, by avoiding the use of pesticides where ever possible. In-fact in many cases because there is no direct planting into the soil but rather within specially designed hydroponics systems, their is minimal usage and at times no usage of any chemicals. Clean practice such as implementing preventive measures, the use of Organic sprays ( a special mixture of plant extracts) & implementing into our planting program what is referred to as “Companion Planting” is being use as first preference to fight off any unwanted insects. This method of natural via biological pest control is widely used throughout the farm. Although we are not Organic Growers, most visitors after visiting the farm, will refer to it as Organic due to the high standard practices that can be seen throughout their farm.

Companion planting is a method whereby various types of herbs together with other fruits & vegetables can be grown together that act as a natural repellent against unwanted insects and because of this natural repellent their is no need for use of pesticides.

Many plants have natural substances within their leaves or flowers that can act as a repellent against certain insects. In some situations they can also help enhance the growth rate as well as the flavor of other fruits & vegetables. By implementing Companion Planting Emirates Hydroponics Farms can discourage many of the harmful pests and allow nature to do its job naturally.

“we are the fresh food growers, bringing quality and service to you & your family”